2019 State of Partner Marketing Premiere

AFV Webinar #005

Title: 2019 State of Partner Marketing Premiere

Date: Thursday, April 25th

Time: 1:00pm EDT

The evolution of partner marketing in IT

AFV’s State of Partner Marketing Research was implemented in 2017 to identify the challenges that partners face when it comes to IT marketing. Last year, partners identified that the digital transformation has pushed the need for them to prioritize their own brands, especially those who lead with managed services, proprietary solutions, or multi-vendor solutions.

In 2019, we wanted to understand what steps partners are taking themselves to achieve these goals. So, what were our key findings? Join us Thursday, April 25th for a breakdown of how:

  • How the disconnect between sales and marketing impacts end users
  • The focus on short-term lead results and its negative effect
  • The increasing importance for differentiation to grow
  • The lack of infrastructure to support integrated marketing
  • What partners rely on manufacturers for
  • How manufacturer platforms are trending towards resource hubs

Be the first to see the results from the 2019 State of Partner Marketing Report. All webinar attendees will receive the full copy of the report after the event.

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