2019 State of Partner Marketing

IT Solution Provider Research & Report

How are solution providers marketing in 2019? 

AFV’s State of Partner Marketing Research was implemented in 2017 to identify the challenges that partners face when it comes to IT marketing. The 2018 State of Partner Marketing Report was conducted to identify the impact that channel marketing programs have on partners.

In our 2019 research, we wanted to understand what steps partners are taking themselves to achieve these goals, which resulted in  7 key insights:

1. There’s an increasing need for better marketing
2. It’s hard to be strategic without the right marketing infrastructure
3. There’s a significant disconnect between sales and marketing
4. Partners still rely on manufacturers for marketing support
5. Manufacturer resources have improved this year over last
6. Channel marketing platforms are better served as resource hubs
7. There is too much focus on short-term results and it’s hurting business results

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