Executive Consulting

A Fluent Vision can help you build, focus, and strengthen your sales and marketing infrastructure to reach that next level of profitability.

A Fluent Vision provides unparalleled expertise in sales and marketing to help you develop a manageable, adaptable infrastructure that will keep pace with industry changes and help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Our 4-step engagement process lays the foundation for all our consulting engagements:
Assess: understand your business goals and evaluate your infrastructure for gaps

Recommend: identify elements that are crucial to long-term success

Implement: deliver trainings and processes that provide consistency, clarity, and confidence across your organization

Manage: provide tools to monitor and measure new processes across sales and marketing to maximize profitability

Sample listing of AFV consulting offerings

  • Creating aligned sales and marketing plans
  • Developing and managing marketing strategy
  • Effective hiring techniques
  • Creating an effective compensation plan
  • Assessing and managing business territories
  • Sales management training – understanding the process
  • Pipeline analysis and restructuring
  • Sales/product training for sales teams
  • Regularly scheduled reinforcement sessions
  • Mentoring sessions for your sales managers (VSE)
  • Mentoring sessions for your sales reps (VSM)
  • Senior management sessions

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Executive Consulting

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