We all know the importance of marketing, but it’s hard to justify the investment when there’s no clear return. The whole point of marketing in the first place is to generate leads and increase revenues. So, if you are going to invest the time and money in your marketing efforts, you should start in the right place, right?

Before launching any outbound marketing efforts, such as direct mailers, ad campaigns, or even hosting an event, be sure to first strengthen your inbound efforts. What do I mean by this?

Inbound marketing is what prospects see when they come looking for you – your website, social media and content. They may also find you while seeking information to resolve certain business challenges. Therefore, inbound is the foundation of your marketing strategy.

Consider this…

If you are going to invest the money to reach out to your customers, don’t you want to make it easy for them to engage with you? The more of a resource you are for prospects, the better chance you have of getting their business.

If they have questions, are you answering them? Don’t make the assumption that they will be willing to call. In the age of the digital buyer, prospects will search your site for the information they need. And if they can’t find it, they’ll go elsewhere. Don’t tell them how you can help them, show them!

Inbound marketing is about providing self-serve value and keeping prospects engaged. When you are regarded as a valuable resource, you become an authority on your subject matter. As a result, prospects will turn to you with their business needs as a trusted advisor.

So how can you be sure your inbound strategy is working?

That’s where AFV can help. And in light of our own advice, we want to show you how.

Our Free Digital Marketing Assessment is a review of your digital presence – including website, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. It’s designed to gauge your ability to generate and convert inbound leads into business opportunities. That way, you can build a strong digital backbone to support your marketing strategy.

Our assessment focuses on 4 main components of your digital presence:

Website Structure – how seamlessly do you navigate visitors through your pages and content?

Resources/ Content – how valuable is the information you provide to the prospects you seek to attract?

Calls to Action (CTAs) – how actionable is your website and what is your ability to generate leads?

Promotion (LinkedIn/ Twitter) – how well are you promoting your resources to attract visitors to your website?

What you can expect

It takes our team approximately 24-48 hours to develop your customized report. This information is compiled and reviewed to identify both positive and negative attributes. In your report, we provide recommendations and tangible action items that can help to improve your inbound strategy.

In order to get the most out of your report, we will walk you through our findings side-by-side with your website and social media pages in a 30+ minute phone consultation. Because there is no single way to market your business, the results of this report and the discussion of the findings will help you consider how best to position your company and solutions.

You will be provided with a PDF copy of the report after the consultation.

Next steps

Upon registering for your assessment, you will be contacted by one of our digital experts to schedule your consultation. Once your meeting has been booked, our team will perform your digital assessment and generate your customized report.

Ready to schedule your free digital marketing assessment?