In this webinar, we are joined by a panel of IT marketing experts to discuss the importance of content in marketing. Our questions to the panel uncover why they have made a commitment to investing in content, how they are effectively using it, and what successes and challenges they have experienced along the way.

Our panel includes co-host, Greg Hammer, Director of Agency Services at IMS360. His creative agency is dedicated to creating impactful content for the IT industry.

The second member of our panel is Ashley Moken, the Marketing Manager for Internetwork Engineering, a strategic solution provider offering consulting, implementation, and operational services in key architectures to mid-marketing and enterprise clients.

And last but not least is Chris Massey, the Director of Marketing for Involta. An award-winning national IT service provider and consulting firm that helps organizations plan, manage, and execute hybrid IT strategies.

Questions to our panel:

  1. Why has your organization consciously chosen to invest in content?
  2. Are you using it for thought leadership, demand generation, or both?
  3. How has content helped you differentiate yourself from your competition?
  4. How has content helped you build brand reputation and trust?
  5. How do you use content to nurture and convert leads?
  6. How do you repurpose the content you’ve created?
  7. Do you develop buyer personas to guide the content you create?

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