You know your customers better than anyone. But imagine if you didn’t know their pain points and concerns, or couldn’t recommend solutions that would have a significant impact on their business. Why would you hire a marketing firm or partner with a company who doesn’t share those same insights? Connecting with an IT marketing agency like A Fluent Vision ensures that your marketing message will resonate with your customers and properly position your brand.

Why couldn’t I just hire a general marketing company?

We’re convinced that nothing is better than closing out a call with the client and hearing them sigh with relief, “That was so much easier than I expected. You guys really know your stuff!”

We have had so many clients vent their frustrations to us about working with non-IT marketing agencies, and the problems that come along with it. The process of hand-holding, slower walkthroughs, and wasting precious billable hours explaining how the technology works can be both frustrating and a significant waste of resources. Your marketing dollars should be strategically placed- down to the last cent- towards initiatives that obtain the most value for you and your customers, not spent on the phone teaching your marketing team the intricacies and nuances of the IT industry.

When I don’t partner with an IT marketing company, what do I risk?

The risks associated with hiring a general marketing company might not appear clearly at first, but the competencies they lack will quickly amount to wasted time, money, and initiate the strong desire to bang your head on your desk.

  • Behind on industry trends: IT is one of the fastest changing industries today, and it’s all too easy to fall behind on the latest technology and what’s currently trending. If your marketing team is not up-to-date, that means producing misinformed content, adding additional and unnecessary research time to your projects, and not receiving the seamless experience that you’re paying for. If your marketing team is dropping the ball, your customers will think the whole company is, too.
  • Speaking a different language: No matter how good a writer you may have on your general marketing team, they pale in comparison to an industry expert. Not only do they have to understand countless acronyms and decipher the tech talk, but they also have a deep understanding of how to use that information. You don’t want to have to explain the cloud to your new marketing team…save yourself and your team the revisions.
  • Failure to be creative: If your general marketing company doesn’t have dedicated IT experts on hand (and most likely, they don’t), they’ll struggle to make your content creative and engaging. They’ll be so focused on ensuring that the information is correct, that the presentation and engagement will fall to an afterthought. You can’t push the boundaries of marketing until you fully understand the customers and messaging.
  • Lack of expertise: Industry-focused marketers are able to deliver higher value to you and your clients. Marketing is core to your brand and reputation – you need to be able to rely on your team to convey your expertise. Hiring an IT marketing agency allows you to extract the maximum amount of value from your marketing budget, as compared to working with a general marketing firm. No more frustrating phone calls trying to explain what you mean or what your product or service actually does for your clients.

Working with an agency that gets ‘IT’

Develop your competitive edge by working with industry experts that you can trust to manage your brand, your customers, and most importantly, your reputation. Find out how A Fluent Vision can help you grow your pipeline and your business.